Although customers do not interact with back office support staff, their tasks are still crucial to the smooth flow of all of the business' operations, including customer service.  An organized and well-managed back office contributes to the success and even improvement of your business in general.

With our help, you can be assured of quality checking, enhanced efficiency, and overall cost savings.  Your back office services benefit greatly with process improvement as we make every effort to ensure competence, evaluation and transparency in our work.

You have the option to delegate the work of an entire team to us or you may also choose to outsource only some of your tasks.  We have the equipment, the tools, and the resources to find the staff you need whatever the job.

We at KDX are capable of services such as:

Data Management – Entering data into content management systems and customer databases. This can also include customer service tracking and documentation, as well as transcription of customer and representative calls.
Online Research and Data mining – We use a methodical process in gathering information for our clients and analyzing the data obtained.  This may be done by extensive research on different websites, utilizing databases and directories, or by interviewing consumers.
Administrative-related Work or Virtual Assistant Jobs – This can comprise of tasks like preparation of documents through Word or Excel and creating presentations via PowerPoint.  Aside from that, we can manage your email responses, scheduling and coordinating with different points of contact.