Diversity Management & Transformation
The increasing shift to a highly diverse workforce in our country, organisations know that they must help employees understand, accept and capitalise on differences among people. This course will enable employees to respond to workplace diversity issues with openness and trust. Moreover, it helps people to appreciate that diversity management is about more than legal or ethical compliance – it is about good business sense. The course is aimed at all employees within the organization including middle and senior managers. Diversity management helps an organization to locate itself within a diverse market and thereby increase its market share. The course is highly interactive and includes selected inputs provided by skilled and experienced facilitators

Leadership Skills- This course covers the following topics: Understanding Power, Leadership styles, Emotional Intelligence, Leading cross-cultural teams, Becoming a leader, young and future leaders and Crisis and contingency planning

Problem Solving Techniques- This course covers the following topics: Problem-Solving Approaches, Finding the Cause of a Problem, Improving Business Processes, Diagram-Based Tools

Decision Making Techniques- This course covers the following topics: Decision Making Models, Choosing Between Options, Deciding Whether to Go Ahead, Financial Decisions, Improving Decision Making, The Impact of Ethics and Values and Group Decision Making

Team Management Skills- This course covers the following topics: Management Skills, Improving Team Effectiveness, Team Dynamics, Effective Recruitment, Developing Your Team, Coaching Your Team, Motivating Your Team, Rewarding and Engaging Your Team, Performance Management, Delegating Effectively, Managing Different Groups of Workers, Managing Around the World, Difficult Management Situations and Historical Management Theories

Project Management Tools- This course covers the following topics: Project Management Framework, Scheduling, Scope Management, Building Support for Your Projects, Communication, Change Management and Review

Time Management Tools- This course covers the following topics: Prioritization, Scheduling, Time Management Challenges, Concentration and Focus, Goal Setting and Self-Motivation

Stress Management Tools- This course covers the following topics: Action-Based Strategies, Perception-Based Strategies, Coping Strategies, Managing Performance Stress, Relaxation and Sleep, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem, Anger Management and Burnout

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
This is the single most important indicator in producing leaders who can lead effectively in organizations at the highest levels. Longer term sustainability, requires that people go beyond I.Q. and develop their full E.Q. “When I compared star performers with average ones in senior leadership positions, nearly 90% of the difference in their profiles was attributable to emotional intelligence factors rather than cognitive abilities.” Daniel Goleman. This course is designed to help delegates develop self-awareness, effective interpersonal skills, help understand and  manage their emotions, and lastly unleash passion, energy and self-motivation. In fact it is not the hardest working or most intelligent people who succeed, but people who have a high level of emotional intelligence who are able to gain the cooperation of their colleagues and lead and motivate teams of people. The course also focuses on achieving personal mastery, the skills required to help individuals become highly focused, organized, effective and successful

Communication Skills -This course covers the following topics: Planning and Structuring, Communicating in Person, Feedback, Meeting Communications, Presentations, Communicating in Writing, Negotiation, Difficult Communication Situations, Understanding Others Better and Cross-Culture Communication

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