KDX specialises in debt collection across the full spectrum of the credit cycle. We work with clients across a range of industries to deliver customised solutions with sustainable results. Talk to us about how we can alleviate the pain of debt recovery and safeguard your business against future cash flow issues.

Our expert team are trained and dedicated to getting your debt paid quickly. We identify a willingness and ability to pay and then apply the right amount of pressure to make your overdue a priority. Our business depends on successful collection.





  • We offer superior debt collection processes using a positive and firm approach to maximise results while protecting your brand. Our approach is reliable, efficient which will support your in-house resources.
  • Staff receive specialised training to understand local laws.
  • Ethical collection techniques.
  • We comply with government regulations including privacy act.
  • Maintain a professional, firm approach at all times.
  • Focus on your core business whilst we take care of overdue recoveries
  • Reduce your costs by outsourcing to experts